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Acta est fabula, plaudite!

19 November 1990
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♥ Single

- Bisexual

✖ 11-19-1990

✖ College Student

- Secondary Education

✖ Journal is in English

- Studied English, French, Spanish

✖ Enjoys – Beaches, Make-up, Hair dye, literature, learning about new ideas and theories, finding people who can hold a stimulative conversation with me. Shoes, in which I could very well have a slight shoe fetish.

✖ Dislikes – Many things. Slobbish people, addicts that have lost control over their selves, horrid smells, including body odors and bad hygiene. Criticism from one who doesn't deserve input. Loud obnoxious people. People who lie, people who push their way, and generally close-minded people. This list could go on forever.

✖ Now that you know a bit about me, feel free to add. I have many more interests than what is on my actual interest page. I will add almost anyone, the only reason I have my page Friend Locked is because quite frankly I would like to know who is lurking on my profile. Not that it's very important. My journal is filled with many things that range from telling about my daily activities to rants on how awful a certain move is, or simply adding photography of sorts. I comment often, and I can be blunt with my replies.